Programming, Masterplanning, and Conceptual Design

Lalandia Concept Diagram

The planning stage is one of the most critical points during waterpark and aquatic center development. This stage establishes facility sizing, budgets, site configurations, aquatic program requirements, plan layouts and building requirements. WTI has performed these pre-design services for clients worldwide. We consider the many safety and technical issues way before the facility itself comes to life.

It is our philosophy to always involve Clients in the Planning/Concept process. We bring to each project a team experienced in the programming and master planning of waterparks and aquatic facilities. Together we work to create a plan that enhances and optimizes all the possibilities. We start by helping the client evaluate the site. Then we use our vast experience in the programming and master planning of parks, waterparks, and aquatic facilities to identify goals and objectives for optimum user benefit within the parameters of the site. This provides clear direction and sound footing for the project, and it is the first step in ensuring long-term success.

WTI works with the owner to carefully assess budgets and programming needs and objectives, we can transform ideas into an original conceptual design and masterplan that includes exciting pool shapes, amenities and play features that serve each user demographic and bring patrons back again and again. We feel it is important to identify the goals and objectives of aquatic programming before developing a conceptual design for a new aquatic facility.

Attractions Selection


We have built solid relationships with ride and equipment manufacturers because of the number of commercial waterpark and municipal aquatic projects that we have completed.

These relationships directly benefit our clients; our firm receives the utmost attention in pricing and delivery due to the volume of materials we specify. Given that we are strictly a design consultant, we have an unbiased ability to select from all major manufacturers and suppliers of available water rides and equipment. We take pride in being our client’s representative. In turn, our clients benefit not only from WTI’s world-class planning, design and engineering services, but also from our specification of the best rides, attractions and equipment in the world.

Our diverse portfolio in the industry also gives us some unique insight in the waterpark industry; what patrons enjoy, what amenities are most popular, what new equipment or water treatment systems are available, and what is the best entertainment value for the budget. This is valuable foresight into what attractions will soon become popular in future waterparks; our designs and clients’ facilities will be able to compete with future facilities built in their area.

Architectural/ Theming Packages

Windsor Wave Pool

Themed environments and attractions within a waterpark and the ability to package some sort of adventure add to the visitor experience, will increase their length of stay, and increase value to the entertainment dollar. A well thought out theming package allows the waterpark developer to create an instant atmosphere and sense of arrival when guests enter the waterpark. They are transformed into another world as they navigate through the themed water features, murals and visual surroundings.

Signage within the complex is another imperative key to guest satisfaction. A happy customer who finds ease in negotiating through facility changing rooms, concessions and park areas will return often and bring others along. Proper signage can also draw traffic and increase sales in retail and concession areas.

Water Treatment & Air Handling (HVAC)


Mechanical Engineering

  • Fully Integrated Mechanical Designs
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Full Specifications
  • Air Quality Management
  • Detailed Drawings

Water Treatment Systems

  • Advanced Filtration Systems
  • Optimum Disinfection Solutions
  • Integrated UV Applications
  • Maximum Water Quality


  • More efficient methods for heating pool water and air.
  • System selection and sizing, distribution, and controls
  • Equipment loads and calculations
  • Structural loading requirements and HVAC enclosure design assistance.
  • Outline specification for the HVAC system

Detailed Design & Delivery

3D Model

WTI provides complete aquatic mechanical systems design including circulation, filtration and disinfection. Construction documents are prepared utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling technology. Coordination with local health departments at the early stage of the design process assures timely acquisition of important permits required to build and operate the facility.

Project Cost Estimates

Budgeting is critical. We understand the cost implications of every line we draw, and we can effectively correlate that information to the bottom line of each project we undertake.

Developing and maintaining budget estimates and comparing these costs to similar projects helps WTI maintain a comprehensive database of aquatic-related costs.

Detailed Design and Delivery

Revit / BIM Technology

3D Waterpark Model

Technologically further than any other aquatic design firm, WTI successfully collaborates with some of the world’s largest architectural firms and contractors to deliver 3D AutoCAD Revit documents and full BIM projects. Initially, the project is designed using AutoCAD Revit and WTI will coordinate with the team to fully deliver the project in BIM (Building Information Modeling) which will improve the design, construction and ultimately the operations of the entire property. This will also result in greater cost control of the project from design through construction and operations.

WTI also creates artistic computer generated perspective renderings and impressive photo perfect architectural renderings to help clients envision their projects early in the design process.

  • Revit and BIM – Design Ready
  • Conceptual 3D Walk Throughs / Massing Models
  • Early Coordination / “Clash Detection” (Navisworks®)
  • Construction Sequencing / “Timeliner” (Navisworks®)

Construction Administration

Marriott Resort Hotel
  • Review of Requested Aquatic Submittals
  • Correspondence with Health Department officials regarding questions during construction
  • Perform site visits at appropriate intervals of construction
  • Issue field reports documenting site conditions and issues
  • Review the contractor prepared punch list
  • Review aquatic area operating instructions provided by contractor
  • Provide consultation during the start-up process

Design / Build Services


Water Technology, Inc. can perform in the d/b capacity and offer the client with total project coordination and capitalize on our strong relationships with contractors and attraction manufacturers. Many of our large scale commercial waterpark clients all over the U.S. have benefited from the d/b process including the pre-programming phase through engineering, construction, start-up and training. Clients include Great Wolf Resorts, Cedar Fair, among others.

Benefits of d/b include enhanced communication between all phases of the project, which in turn, gives the client a streamlined schedule. Final design and engineering tasks can be performed while construction begins; and early in the design phase, you will see a cost commitment; as a d/b team can provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) much earlier in process (at the completion of SDs) versus traditional bidding process that must wait for completed CDs and then allow time for the bidding process.