Who We Work With

On the surface, many waterparks and aquatic center designs look similar because they incorporate similar elements such as beach entries, winding rivers, interactive water features, iconic waterslides, lounging spaces, food and beverage areas, shade structures and beautiful landscapes. All of these components make up the fundamental components of many of today’s waterparks.

When WTI works begins the design of a new park we use many of these same elements and many others. Each of WTI’s designs is programmed specifically to meet the owner’s goals, fit into the market, community and site. WTI takes a fresh approach with each project that we design because we take into consideration the client’s goals, the project budget, the guest’s needs, and the site requirements.

It would be easy for a designer to simply reuse ideas and pool designs from past projects; that is not the WTI approach to any project. Our holistic approach results in quality designs that work – that is “The WTI Difference.” We not only expect excellence from our firm but also from each product that we specify and consultant that we work with. We do not disappear after the project is built; we remain in contact with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the end product well beyond their initial grand opening.

I am an Architect

WTI understands the importance of being part of a team that is adept at collaboration during all phases of a project. Our experience in working across a multitude of venues with so many consultants has helped us overcome the understandable learning curve that takes place when working with a new team.

Technologically further than any other aquatic design firm, WTI successfully collaborates with some of the world’s largest architectural firms and contractors to deliver 3D AutoCAD Revit documents and full BIM projects. WTI also creates artistic computer generated perspective renderings and impressive photo-perfect architectural renderings to help clients envision their projects early in the design process.

Contact WTI if your firm is pursuing or has been commissioned to provide the design of a public aquatic center, resort or hotel waterpark, a sports swimming facility, or large international waterpark. WTI was founded on the belief that aquatic recreation completes communities and makes them a better place to live. Our creative energy and passion embrace that philosophy with the creation of forward-looking designs that support dynamic consultant teams and owner programs.

I am a Waterpark / Resort Developer

WTI is a full service firm and we can provide you with services from the initial planning and concept phases of your project through construction documents and construction administration. Our firm has an in-house art and theming department that can help to develop theming, light, and sound packages for your waterpark. We can also offer design/build services if appropriate.

We have experience in working as a sub-consultant to the project architect and also as direct representative to the owner. When the project begins we have developed a responsibility matrix that communicates with the team everyone’s responsibilities in regard to the waterpark. This has been developed from our history with the number of projects that we have designed.

Historically, we participate early in the project with a design charette. This helps us to share our knowledge for the betterment of the entire project. During the programming phase we can assist you and your architect due to the specialty of this project. We can also assist with component identification; bathrooms, arcades, impact of codes, and financials on these components. During the concept development we would assist you in establishing facility sizing, budgets, aquatic program requirements, and constructability.

I am a Recreation/Sports Professional

Some communities have found an increased interest in aquatic recreation, yet, declining attendance at their existing facilities. To meet this interest, they have embraced the new multi-generational aquatic center that offers much more than the typical public pool with lap lanes.

Combining traditional competitive and leisure components into one facility creates a partnership that includes a full spectrum of activities that complement each other well. A community aquatic facility is an amenity that helps to weave the threads of a community and enhance the quality of life, family, togetherness, and wellness of its residents.

Understanding the needs for multiple programming spaces is a design consideration often overlooked by an inexperienced team. Knowing what areas can double as teaching spaces, training areas and recreational swim/buy outs and rentals, while still meeting guest’s needs is an acquired skill. For example, current channels or lazy rivers can be used for resistance or assistive walking classes during one time of the day and can then be used as a recreational river to serve another group. Warm water wellness pools provide a place for therapy and rehabilitation but also presents adequate and appropriate depth and temperature for learn-to-swim lessons.

WTI has the nation’s most experienced staff of engineers, architects, planners and operations specialists who understand each aspect of municipal, collegiate, school, faith based, and community living aquatic indoor and outdoor aquatic centers. Designs are not only based on community needs, but also on practical operations, safe and effective water handling, comfort and safety of the visitors and the healthiest bottom line.

I am interested in Design/Build Services

A Design/Build Delivery method uses a single-source, turn-key approach, which encourages lower costs, faster completion, and superior quality on any commercial indoor/outdoor waterpark project.

Neuman Group is the design/build team of Water Technology and Neuman Pools. The combination of WTI’s  licensed design specialists and the construction expertise of Neuman Pools, Inc., provides a seamless solution for indoor and outdoor waterpark design and construction. Aquatic destination design and construction is a highly specialized field. Neuman Group brings the experience in developing multi-generational and family oriented waterparks – from hotels and high-end resorts to commercial waterparks and beyond! All of our facilities are custom built according to each design with focus on sustainability and cutting edge technology.

Total Project Management, from conception to completion and beyond… we offer one seamless team for your large scale aquatic destination facility. Our team has continuous discussions regarding real world design and constructability issues: related real time solutions are applied to each project. This means instant communication, flexibility and problem solving between the design, engineering and construction phases of your project. We are the most experienced design and construction team in delivering large scale waterpark projects.

Successful Projects

Suncor Community Leisure Center

The Syncrude Aquatic Center at the Community Leisure Centre includes a 10-lane, 54 Metre Competition pool, 4-lane, 25 Metre warm-up pool, an adult whirlpool, a family whirpool, and a large recreational pool with interactive play features, a current channel, two waterslides and a spray pad.

Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa

Performed as a total Design / Build project by The Neuman Group, the team comprised of WTI and Neuman Pools, this successful project was delivered on time and on budget.


A community official broke ground for the new, 72,000-square-foot, $23.8 million community center December 15, 2012.  The center is expected to open in mid-2014.